The standard formula for most pedophile teachers seems to be: groom student, assault student. One woman took it a step further by adopting him.

Stephanie Pudlowski, 38, an eighth grade language arts teacher at James Williams Middle School, is said to have met the boy in class some years prior; supposedly no sexual contact occurred on school property. She took him into her home last year, where he slept in the basement. Things apparently got weird, because her husband thought it necessary to secretly record what went on in their home, and he discovered the affair. The husband filed for divorce on May 18, the same day Pudlowski resigned her position at the school and was formally charged and released on a $5000 signature bond.

Pudlowski has been charged with causing mental harm to a child, sexual assault of a child placed in substitute care, and sexual intercourse with a child age 16 or older. When interrogated she said the boy did not ask for the sexual encounters.

James Williams Middle School, in Rhinelander, Wisconsin, serves approximately 500 students in grades 6-8. Students are predominantly white, and fall on the low end of average when it comes to standardized test scores. Slightly less than half of students are from low income families.

Former Rhinelander teacher charged with child-sex crime461.html

Former Rhinelander Teacher Arrested For Sexual Assault


Teacher, 36, is arrested for ‘having sex with 16-year-old foster son’, who used to be her student, after her husband ‘secretly recorded their trysts’

Rhinelander teacher accused of mental harm and sexual assault to a child

James Williams Middle School – GreatSchools

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