Middle school teacher charged with sexual assault after alleged tryst with former student/foster son

The standard formula for most pedophile teachers seems to be: groom student, assault student. One woman took it a step further by adopting him.

Stephanie Pudlowski, 38, an eighth grade language arts teacher at James Williams Middle School, is said to have met the boy in class some years prior; supposedly no sexual contact occurred on school property. She took him into her home last year, where he slept in the basement. Things apparently got weird, because her husband thought it necessary to secretly record what went on in their home, and he discovered the affair. The husband filed for divorce on May 18, the same day Pudlowski resigned her position at the school and was formally charged and released on a $5000 signature bond.

Pudlowski has been charged with causing mental harm to a child, sexual assault of a child placed in substitute care, and sexual intercourse with a child age 16 or older. When interrogated she said the boy did not ask for the sexual encounters.

James Williams Middle School, in Rhinelander, Wisconsin, serves approximately 500 students in grades 6-8. Students are predominantly white, and fall on the low end of average when it comes to standardized test scores. Slightly less than half of students are from low income families.

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Former Rhinelander Teacher Arrested For Sexual Assault


Teacher, 36, is arrested for ‘having sex with 16-year-old foster son’, who used to be her student, after her husband ‘secretly recorded their trysts’

Rhinelander teacher accused of mental harm and sexual assault to a child

James Williams Middle School – GreatSchools

The CDC’s new guidelines for reopening schools

The CDC recently posted new guidelines for schools reopening in the wake of COVID-19, whether in the next few weeks or few months, and the reactions are overwhelmingly negative.


“It sounds like prison!” many parents angrily comment on social media. “No way am I allowing my child access to that kind of socialist control!”

That is what makes your child’s school sound like prison? Not the forced isolation in rooms, and limited socialization? Not the penalization for talking out of turn? Not the mediocre food served on styrofoam trays? Not the complete elimination of constitutional rights once enrolled?


No one knows just how much schools will be expected to observe these guidelines as they reopen. No one knows what it will look like, but it’s sure to be different across states (Wyoming schools, for instance, will implement things far differently than, say, New York), and even across counties. But if these guidelines are what convinces parents that schools are indeed prisons for children, they’ve served an even greater purpose than promoting social distancing.

Considerations for Schools – CDC

CDC Activities and Initiatives Supporting theCOVID-19 Response and the President’s Plan for Opening America Up Again, May 2020

CDC quietly releases detailed guidelines for reopening America

How COVID-19 has transformed the way children are “educated”


No matter where you stand on the topic of coronavirus and its infiltration into our way of life, and life itself, there is no question that it has dramatically changed the way America is living, working, and schooling.

With the push to shut down all non-essential services, schools were among the first to close (perhaps, as many have claimed, signifying that they aren’t as “essential” as originally perceived), with the exception of New York City, which held out as long as possible even as the world around them burned, not because schools were providing for the education of children, but because many underprivileged in New York practically live there and depend upon them for nearly everything.  But even New York eventually capitulated, and the country, for better or for worse, has gotten a taste of what home education looks like.

Or do they?

While it’s true that many families are being forced to “homeschool” in the most literal sense of the word, what many people are calling “crisis schooling” or at the very least “public school at home” does not in any way resemble what most true homeschools do on a daily basis when not confronted with a pandemic. The stress of constantly being at home, coupled with deadlines, new apps to master, meetings, and countless assignments presided over by harried parents who are juggling childcare, work responsibilities, and other household tasks has left many families feeling burned out before they have even really begun, and one has to wonder how much learning is actually taking place at all. It’s no wonder that President Trump is asking states to consider reopening schools before summer, and the economy is only half of the argument.

With every family struggling to hang on and continue schooling during the pandemic, there’s another family that is giving up. “I’d rather have him watch classic Godzilla movies and play in the yard and pretend to be a Jedi rather than figure out basic math,” one mother said of her frustrated kindergartener (most long-term homeschoolers agree that formal schooling for kindergarten is unnecessary and that play is precisely what they need at that age). Many school districts are implementing a lax grading policy, exercising leniency with assignments and deadlines. California is considering beginning the new school year as early as July to help make up for lost time.

But despite what The Washington Post and Harvard have to say, true homeschooling does not have to equal deprivation, for children or their parents, and certainly not for society. Homeschooled children consistently outperform their peers in academics and social situations. Universities are by-and-large happy to have homeschoolers join their ranks, and many have alternate pathways to admission, for those who don’t have an accredited diploma or traditional transcript. Homeschoolers are used to free-time (it’s amazing what can be accomplished without all the needless busywork, and pandering to political correctness), and many can use it wisely in the pursuit of valuable hobbies or skills that could be used in their future careers.

One thing remains certain: most of those who were homeschooling before this pandemic hit are suffering just as much as their public schooled peers. Their regular haunts -museums, libraries, parks, friends’ houses, co-ops, playgrounds – are all closed. Most will acknowledge that true homeschooling is more like world-schooling, with only a small portion actually taking place at home.

Another school resource officer assaults a child


A school resource officer in slammed a Florida high school student to the floor in September and has finally been charged with in the incident.

Deputy Willard Miller, 38, is seen on Cross Creek High School surveillance video grabbing a 15-year-old female student by the neck and then slamming her to the floor in what appears to be a clear case of abuse of power and no fear of consequences. Miller was quickly removed from the school and placed on “restrictive administrative assignment,” but it took another month before he was suspended without pay, pending the results of an investigation. He finally turned himself in on Tuesday, when he was formally charged with child abuse without great bodily harm. He was released on $5000 bond.

Broward County School District is no stranger to violence in schools, having been the district where last year’s shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School left 17 people dead and 17 more injured. An investigation into the shooting found that up to 8 school resource officers ignored protocol that might have saved the lives of students and teachers by attempting to disarm the shooter and allowing additional paramedics into the building to treat the wounded. The shooting remains the deadliest high school shooting in United States history.

Miller was in the employment of the county sheriff’s department since 2016, and has served the high school since 2018. He had no prior disciplinary record.

Cross Creek High School in Pompano Beach, Florida, has a rating of 1/10 on GreatSchools, citing low test scores and poor college readiness. It has a predominately non-white minority student population of nearly 70%. Eighty-four percent of students are considered to be from low-income households. The student suspension rate is abnormally high. It is known as being a school for those with emotional or behavioral problems.

Broward County school officer accused of slamming 15-year-old student to ground

Florida Deputy Charged With Child Abuse After Throwing 15-Year-Old to Ground

Stoneman Douglas High School shooting

Cross Creek School – GreatSchools

Teachers’ Unions Play Politics


We’re coming upon the time of year when parents and children alike obsess over which teacher(s) they will receive for the upcoming school term. There is no real implied choice in the matter; similar to your “zoned school,” most families don’t search beyond what’s handed to them, so if a student doesn’t mesh well with their instructor, it’s “too bad, Jimmy, better luck next year.”

But, on the rare chance your child’s teacher isn’t a pedophile or serial public pooper, and doesn’t have anger management issues, perhaps you’ll gloat about what a wonderful person they are. “He shares my values,” you may say, or “She attends my church.” “We’re both supporting _____ in the Senate race.” This, you tell yourself, is the perfect person to replace you during the average of 8 hours a day your impressionable youngster is in school.

You would be wrong.

Regardless of a teacher’s political, religious, or otherwise ideological views, they are subject to the all-powerful organization known as the teacher’s union, which has overwhelmingly only one agenda.

Whether you agree or not with a union supporting certain political parties, the fact that teacher’s unions have in recent years given 94% of political contributions to liberal candidates and organizations. This money is not solely from donations, but from dues paid by those illustrious, upstanding teachers at a school near you.

Besides your standard Senate candidates and, of course, Hillary Clinton, NEA (National Education Association) and AFT (American Federation of Teachers), the two largest teachers’ unions in the United States, have contributed to many decidedly one-sided organizations, including but not limited to: the Human Rights Campaign (national group working for “working for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender rights”); the Center for American Progress (progressive think tank led by former Clinton and Obama aides); and Jesse Jackson’s “Rainbow Push Coalition” and Al Sharpton’s “National Action Network.”

Millions upon millions of dollars are spent by these unions every year to support candidates, policies, and organizations on just one side of the aisle. And what’s more, from 2004 to 2016, their donations grew from $4.3 million to more than $32 million. What’s more, Democratic bigshots like Hillary Clinton are welcome faces at union events; Clinton received the AFT’s “Women’s Rights Award” on Friday, and the response to her presence at the Pittsburgh event was akin to teenyboppers at a Justin Bieber concert.

“But that’s just the union,” you protest, still trying to remain in denial. “They don’t represent the values of OUR teachers!” Oh, really? Then who DO they represent? And why are they taking their money? The truth is, teachers listen to their union leaders, and believe they will fight for them to have less time with your kids and more money for what is essentially glorified babysitting, for much of the school day. If union leaders tell them to vote one way, chances are, they will. Because just like they are teaching your kids, day in and day out, to be mindless automatons dependent on someone else to tell them what’s in their best interest, teachers will often blindly follow their leaders. In fact, they are more likely to revere their local union leaders over their school principal.

So before you recommend your child’s teacher for canonization, perhaps you’d best examine where their loyalties really lie.

Hillary begins speech: ‘I’m so tired, I can barely stand’

Big Political Spending By Unions–Paid With Dues

OpenSecrets.org – Teachers Unions

How Liberal Politics and Teachers’ Unions Got So Entangled

Boy asks school safety question during White House press briefing


A much more accurate headline would read, “Boy coached to ask school safety question during White House press briefing.” Coached by whom is anyone’s guess – probably a parent or teacher. You know: the two groups of people closest to him, the two groups of people who should be most committed to his safety and well being. And what they’re doing is essentially passing the buck.

Whether or not one agrees that it’s the government’s responsibility to educate (and thereby indoctrinate) our children, one needs to ask oneself if the government’s responsibility for the care and safety of our children should EVER trump the responsibility we as parents have. Regardless of where you stand on gun control, regardless of where you stand on mental health issues, bullying, and lack of preemptive intervention by law enforcement, the central question remains: why are parents and teachers so willing to send their kids into a minefield? If that little boy is so traumatized, why is he still going to school every day? When did we reach a point that throwing our children to the wolves was not only deemed necessary, but something to be encouraged and, at times, celebrated?

Sarah Huckabee Sanders got emotional in her answering of the 13-year-old’s question, as well she should have; every act of senseless violence, especially those committed against children, are tragic and unnecessary and disgusting. The fact that children as young as 4 regularly attend institutions that hold “lockdown drills” and receive bomb and shooting threats is also tragic and unnecessary and disgusting. But perhaps as parents, and as teachers, it’d be better to look within, to say, “What can WE do?” rather than “What can the government do?” when it comes to protecting our children. Perhaps, the answer lies, not in reforming the system, but abandoning the system altogether.

Boy asks school safety question during White House press briefing/

Sarah Sanders chokes up when boy questions her about school shootings at White House briefing

Abusive teachers, repeat offenders

Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash

“Although abusive teachers make up only a fraction of 1% of the nation’s teaching corps, USA TODAY found dozens of teachers who lost one job after being accused of abusive behavior and had no trouble getting hired somewhere else.”

We all want to believe “our schools” are different, that it’s only in “other schools” that these things happen. But the truth is that they happen everywhere. Do you want to gamble with your child’s well being, and possibly his life?

Teachers who sexually abuse students still find classroom jobs